Friday, September 13, 2013

Minkee Mitered Binding

If you're using minkee as a might want to 'cheat' and just bring the back around to the front for your binding.

Here is a tutorial to do that and have beautiful sewn mitered corners for the binding too.

Start by trimming the batting (carefully, to not cut the backing) to the edge of your quilt top.

I usually leave my edge basting in until the binding is done, but you could take it out at this point too.

Trim the backing to about 1" from the edge of the quilt top.

Fold the quilt on the diagonal at one corner as illustrated below.
Sew at a right angle to the fold about half way down, then pivot and sew parallel to the fold ....until you reach the raw edge. Repeat for all corners.


Trim the corner (right angle to the fold) to minimize the bulk.

When you turn it in...the miter is sewn down and when it turns under, it encourages the fold down on both sides along the edge.

Top stitch being sure to get the real fabric (not just the fuzz) in your seam.


Not sure how I captured this....but here it is!
I also don't normally put the label on the front...but this to be used on a scooter chair and I think she'll like the minkee 'on top' perhaps the label will be on the back most of the time.

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  1. I haven't worked much with minkee, but love the feel. Binding was always a concern to me, due to the thickness and weight of the minkee. I love your approach and this is a great tutorial. This is definitely going in my list of favorite tutorials. Thank you. Inspirational.