Sunday, March 2, 2014

Double Nine Birds in the Sky - Sneak Peek

This last week we had a nice bit of snow and the next day was glorious sunshine so made for some great photos. Here is my studio with the snow covered hillside below.

Today I captured this up river from Grand Coulee Dam on Lake Roosevelt. It was so calm, even though it was snowing, that we had a good mirror on the water.

I need to work on my voice-over voice (HA!)

I promised a sneak peek of the Red and White quilts ....and provided one of each on Facebook already, but here are a couple more images.

These two quilts are planned for an upcoming Red and White book being put together by AQS. I'll write up a lot more about my quilting choices and process when the book is ready.

In progress ......Initial structures of "Birds in the Air"

critical learning lesson--should have taken Judi Madsen's advice and marked all the straight lines that didn't have key registration elements in the piecing. The purple marking pen just wasn't lasting long enough when I initially tried to do that, so just went for it. Should have found a blue pen or got out my FriXion pen.
UPDATE: This quilt will be included in the
Ruby Jubilee: A 40-Year Celebration
at Houston Quilt Festival 2014! Whoo Hooo!!

In progress.....Initial elements of "Double Nine Patch" (used the FriXion pen this time to mark a grid in the open white spaces.)

Here is a short video of how to do the continuously stitched orange peels and treatment around the red patches. Compiled three takes this using the Windows Live Movie Maker. Need to modify my camera mount so its not part of the image. Sorry.

Happy March!



  1. amazing work, neat ideas! love the nine patch idea, never thought of that, what batting makes it SO puffy?