Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Boondoggle in Sochi ....leads to Quilted-in-Honor themed Designs

When you were watching the Olympics in Sochi this past winter, did you keep thinking about their patchwork design theme?

I did....I also kept thinking of the Bella Nonna Design Studio Boondoggle Ruler(tm). Do you have one?

The designs used in the fabrics of the Olympic theme reminded me of Kaffe Fasset fabrics too.

 Just think....the Olympic rings as diamonds in Kaffe Fasset Fabrics.

I contacted Bella Nonna Design Studio about this connection and started a fun conversation with the designer, Jayme Crowe, that has led to several new designs.

We're long past last winter's Olympics but in honor of Veteran's Day ...I'm posting this because 4 new designs have resulted that are now available at Craftsy as bonuses in the Dangling Diamonds pattern. Each will be much easier to make if you also buy the Bella Nonna Design Studio Boondoggle and Baby Boondoggle Rulers(TM). She's offering a special 20% discount if you use this code VET20 for the rest of November 2014.

One design that evolved between the Olympics idea and the Quilted-in-Honor ideas has actually been made and is awaiting quilting...I hope to bring that to you in the near future. It has been a collaborative effort of three and I'm really excited about the result.

So, here are the Quilted-in-Honor themed designs. The key is to get the right pieces cut out and then the assembly is quite quick. What is your favorite?

You may have seen 'Flyover' earlier which is now available as a free project download at doyoueq.com. But if you don't have EQ7, you may want to just purchase the pattern directly.
It usually takes me several iterations of a design to 'settle' into the one that works best. I've got three of this one with variations that just might strike you in the right way. The first one was from the sky looking down and a fairly simple plane design.

The second iteration got fancy with the plane.

And the one that seemed to be most popular was looking from the ground up.

The next one, "Camouflage Canopy", could have different colors in the background, but the idea is a camouflage net that is used to disguise things on the ground.  This coloration is more of a night sky.

There needs to be a "Flag" design, right?                               And "In Memory".

Thank you to those who serve.


  1. Beautiful. That ruler looks like a great tool. I hadn't seen it previously. Thanks for sharing and inspiring.


  2. Yes, I enjoyed the Patchwork of Sochi! I have both rulers. The Flyover with the sky is my Favorite.