Thursday, August 25, 2016

Mountain Pass available in McCall's Quick Quilts

Always room for another 'first' in your life, right?
I now have a pattern published in a magazine! One of my simplest patterns, but hey --you have got to start somewhere, right? Today I'm (UPDATED TO ARCHIVED POST) guest blogging over at the McCall's blog all about it, including a giveaway.  There are also some critical images that help in positioning the pieces so that you can keep your points. Hope you'll take a moment and learn about my journey. There is also a very special story.

Here is my own 'geeky' moment in the grocery store when I discovered it on the newsstand!

The first two individuals to stop by my shop and mention this will receive a free copy of the magazine and some yardage from this Marcus Fabrics collection - Rustic Winds.

I'm open 10am-5pm through Sept. 6 --closed Sat, Sun and Labor Day. After that call ahead! 
301 Main Street, Grand Coulee, WA  ph: 509.386.5715

And here is a sneek peek of another set of fabrics that I used to make this pattern in batiks. It is a whole new collection from Island Batik coming later this year! It will be called Zig Zags on the Lake.


  1. Im here in Michigan reading about your 'GEEKY' moment. Love the pattern and the color choices for Zig Zag on the Lake. Loretta Conklin

  2. Congrats. A very nice pattern, even though you call it simple. Quite modern in style.

  3. shouting out congratulations from Illinois. this looks like a fun pattern.

  4. Congratulations! I look forward to seeing what it looks like in the batiks, too.