Monday, March 6, 2017

Design Wall Monday

March is a new Island Batik Ambassador Challenge -#islandbatik- Mini Madness using Paper or English Foundation piecing....I've got a mini here, wdyt?

I'm using a reduced size version of my paper pieced Eastern Star block from my co-authored book "You Can Quilt!". I made two blocks. Didn't add all elements in the blocks sewn in columns adjacent to the two blocks, stacked vertically, and then adding more background on the left to create an asymmetrical design. A bit of a modern twist to it. Now to design the quilting.

This currently measures about 25" wide by 20" tall. We're supposed to have it be 24" x 24" or smaller. I'm thinking once I get it quilted and trimmed it will easily be inside the dimensions.

The fabrics are a new line "Frost" that was also used in my latest pattern "Winter Bright" -->

Remember last week's Kennel Quilt finish? Here they are being delivered to the Wenatchee Valley Humane Society by my young friend Katya J. where they originally got their own dog.

I'm also progressing on the commission. Here is one actually completed block -- I need to make 12. It just needs to say "TEXAS" to the man whose bed it will grace during the day. I'm hoping for his wife's sake it will have a subtle feminine touch as well.

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  1. That Texas block does have a sweet touch for a feminine bit. Super pretty fabrics in it.