Thursday, November 12, 2020

Finishing 11 years of Professional Long-arm Machine Quilting

Wrapping up 11 years of my long-arm as part of my business. Here is a little recap of this year's work on my machine and a few other endeavors.

This Year:     75 Customer Quilts
76% Pantos, 24% Custom
57 pantos;  18 custom

Pantographs : 4.75  (#/mo)    Custom : 1.5 (#/mo)

Business to date: 753 Customer Quilts

Custom Quilts that weren't just a simple freehand:

Combo of freehand in the border and a panto fill in the panel with motif work of the main element.

Double batt:

yes...a 3rd cross-stitch panel of the same design

panels for this quilt and some coordinating fabrics still available

Shop Fabric Samples -- *fabrics/patterns available in the shop

 -Ribbon Hearts panto

***** Ticket in Hand - April in Paris Panto
- a few fabrics still available

 ***** Snoopy Deep Space - custom and Galaxy panto combined
-kit w/free pattern available

***** A Winter Poinsettia - In the Beginning collection - some fabrics still available
-Dancing Snowflakes panto


- for Island Batik - Sintra Entrada --new pattern coming soon!
featuring Citrus Sun fabric collection coming early 2021
-custom spiral quilting

- for Island Batik - Holly Berries in the Snow --new pattern coming soon!
featuring Holly Holiday collection of fabrics being released in 2021
- custom ribbon candy in white border segments; spirals between berries and ruler work in holly leaf  background segments

for Northcott - Dark Room - featuring Silhouette fabric collection to be released in 2021



Kits available for Luminous (dawn colorway) using Northcott Toscana fabrics. 

Designer's Tips and Techniques monthly episodes during height of the pademic, led me to create several videos, including a few trunk shows of my own journey, a series of videos on bindings and a tour of my shop. You can find them on my IGTV currently. These placemats were produced for part of the binding series.
***** From the Market - fabrics available
-custom follow the motif

True Blue Quilter's Trek
***** Treasure Map - kits available w/hidden tokens!
- small footprints panto

Garden Party RAL
***** Poppy Dance Party - kits available
-my Garden Party collaborative quilt top with some prior year rows incorporated.

U.S. Tour - Weekly Blog Hop
***** WA - Apple - kits available w/pattern; free download also available

***** ND - Honeycomb - kits available w/pattern; free download also available

***** Urban Lights - An AnglePlay pattern. Kit available.
-Starlight panto

***** New Calypso an AnglePlay pattern - fabrics from 'cubbies' stash; More about my AnglePlay certification in my year-end post.

Fall Retreat
Despite the pandemic we were able to host our Fall Retreat at Camp MiVoden using appropriate precautions, it was successful!  Really felt good to socialize and be productive. Most of my own sewing was 'secret' for market next spring, but here are some photos of camp and from others' productivity!


The setting here is beautiful and we enjoyed some spectacular weather.


Progress from retreat 2 years ago

a completion from 2 years ago!

Country Register - still writing 6 times a year you read my articles?

The health journey continues ...still trying to find the right balance. Did a 'virtual' 5k this year with an under 13 minute mile equivalent (on our AMT machine).

Thanks for following along. If I can be of service, please contact me.


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