Monday, February 14, 2011

Monday's Design Wall

Back to this old project and all the blocks are now done! After a block pattern with a mistake (recovery w/small seams and some scraps), I've decided I do NOT like cutting diamonds from templates and how squigly ?? they can get! Very glad to have those diamond shaped flower blocks done. Now just trying to figure out final placement before piecing it together.

Last week's progress...didn't get a chance to post it. I skipped the September block because it had template cut diamond shapes.

All blocks done! Starting from the top left, they are placed in the order of the month they were presented starting with January. Number 13 is the bonus block on the bottom right corner. I've added a daisy fabric for corner stones and more of the same background fabric for sashing, I'll also use the dark green background in the setting triangles so that I have lots of 'negative' space for doing some creative quilting.

I'm not sure I like the setting of them, so let's experiment. Here are two options so far, and as I'm looking at these I'm thinking maybe the 4 diamond blocks that are surrounding the center ought to be switched with the corner blocks. Hmmm...I'll have to try that too. Hopefully next week I can post a finished quilt!

I moved all the diamond blocks to the center 5 positions.
Now I moved the multi-fabric flowered blocks to the center outside spots.
Other ideas? Please share them below!
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p.s. today is my 2nd Anniversary....thank you lover for enabling me to be more creative! I love you Duncan.


  1. Happy Valentine Anniversary! We had our 39th in December. Anniversaries are great milestones.

    I like your green sashing and corner stones. Your baskets and flowers will float around your quilting. It should be very dramatic when finished.

  2. I like the diamond stars in the corners. The sashing will be nice to float the all of the baskets. I get two celebration days this week is DH's B-day too.

  3. Happy Anniversary! My grandparents were married on Valentine's Day and one of their sons also married on that date.

    I like the second option you showed. Have fun playing some more!

  4. Happy Anniversary!! You are a cute couple! Love the green quilt!