Saturday, February 5, 2011

WWVQG Raffle Quilt - Quilted!

On Friday I got the quilting wrapped up, but decided to leave it loosely on the quilting table, just in case I thought of something else or felt I needed to do something different. Good thing! I remembered I wanted to add a few windturbines on the hills. :-) So, tonight I was able to add those (see picture). Now to do the binding. I'm machine stitching it to the front ...each side with its own piece, will sew down mitered corners (assisted by the Jackie Robinson Binding Miter Tool), and let a guild member do the hand stitching to the back. We'll do a full reveal on Tuesday night at the guild meeting. If you're local, I hope you'll come out and see it. One friend who stopped by to see the progress suggested that this quilt needs to be auctioned at a winery wine & cheese event or even purchased by the Chamber of Commerce to be hung for permanent display in/around town. Wow....that was unexpected, but what a nice compliment and so nice to hear that it is considered to be of such meaning--part of the design's purpose so I'm glad it comes through in the actual quilt. Nine icons were chosen by guild members based on them identifying icons of the valley. Some of the icons everyone will recognize, at least one is quite new. I'll post a full photo and more detailed images after Tuesday's reveal.

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