Monday, March 21, 2011

Design Wall Monday

What's up right now?  This is a new commission and represents tri-mesters for twins. We're calling it
'Your First Journey'. Winter-just the beginning;
Spring/Summer-characters forming;
Fall - a whole new world.

Embroideries of chrysallis will go on the left side empty diamond spots in the 'winter' panel and butterflies on the right side in the 'fall' panel. The center panel has batiks in the center diamonds featuring California Poppies on top and teddy bears on the bottom. Both represent their names. I have used moda fabrics mostly Basic Grey's 'Origins' line with the exception of the bigger diamonds using fabric from the Chrysallis collection and the batiks in the middle panel.

I ran out of design wall to show the last couple of rows, and then there are white, then yellow, then green, then dark brown borders that eminate out from the center with on-point pieces as well,. but larger than the small diamonds used here.

I think I might be crazy to try and piece all of this in this fashion...but it's about to start! Wish me luck. I'll post a photo next Monday since it needs to be delivered by Thursday night! YIKES!

And here is what I finished that you saw in progress last week:

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