Monday, March 28, 2011

Design Wall Monday

I feel so accomplished. I had three commissions that came into my queue last Fall and I can finally say I'm done with the quilts! YIPEE!! Here is the final one. I used mostly basic grey's 'Origins' line from moda. I also used two different batiks in the center panel large diamonds and two fabrics from the 'Chrysallis' line from moda in the outside panel's large diamonds. Barbara Larson kindly did the embroidery work. One of my artist friends thinks that I should write up this pattern and suggest it could be any journey! Just fill in the diamonds with appropriate symbols/ memories/ photos, whatever and choose your color scheme. i.e. your engagement, wedding and honeymoon; your school years -- elementary school, high school, college; your career --just starting, somewhere in your mid-life crisis, and now your retirement;  WDYT?

In writing this I have just spotted my humility block!! Oh my. Can you spot it? There are many more detailed photos of the quilt at . This was designed as 45" x 60". It could easily be sized up to 60" x 80" or 90" x 120". These diamonds aren't a traditional 60 degree cut. I created a template to get the correct angle and then used my ruler to be sure I maintained my width on each piece. I really enjoyed doing the quilting on this one too.

So, on my wall today is the start of my 2010 BOM from Marti Michell (yes last year!). This was a challenge presented to our guild and it is due--completely finished--by April 12. We'll see what I can get done on the Monday's between now and then. For completing our local Shop Hop the Blues in 2009, I received a large stack of Hoffman batik fat quarters that had quite an eclectic mix of colors even within one fabric. Turns out there is enough fabric in the stack to do this quilt top.
So....I've sorted them out by general color scheme and tried to assign them in a pleasing colorway and within available fabric groupings based on requirements for this 'American Beauty' quilt. Below are her original colorways made with Maywood Studio's 'Wild Roses'. I like the 'black' one better, but mine will surely be WILD :-) Working Title possibilities---Psychedelic America ....America in the'70s? I reserve the right to modify my groupings as I go. I did draft it up roughly in EQ7 this morning, to check on the setting colors (sashings, borders, stars, etc), so we'll see.
American Beauty quilts by Marti Michell

Supernova Quilt-Along with Freshly PiecedI think I'd rather be doing the SuperNova Quilt Along with these mostly leftover fabrics from the 'origins' fat quarter bundle that I used to make the 'Journey' quilt above. I think I am more of a 'modern' quilter at heart, but haven't allowed myself to go there much given the influences I've had around me. Hmmm...need to push the envelope. 

Hoping I can get into a nice balanced schedule now. Taxes are filled out too, so major burdens are gone! Another show coming up at the end of April in Pendleton, OR so need to figure out exactly what I'll be putting in the show there. I'm also scheduled now to teach 'Starlight-Flutterbright' (the one I got Judges' Choice on @ Trends/EESchenck earlier this month) at Highland Quilts in Athena, OR on April 3. If you are reading my blog for the first time, click on the label to the right side that says 'Flutterbright' to see the quilt. The pattern is available for purchase from me or through Highland Quilts or Quiltmania (Richland, WA). If you're a shop owner and would like to carry it, I can sell them to you at wholesale (min. order 6 or 3 if ordering other patterns as well) The secondary pattern is what really makes this pop, and any panel print or appropriate sized blocks could be used in the setting.
See what others have on their design wall...they are indexed at Patchwork Times.


  1. I considered it a challenge to find your humility block but can't find it! I am a batikaholic so looking forward to seeing your version of the Marti Michell BOM.

  2. Nice to see the Marti Michell blocks again. Good luck finishing the quilt by Guild.