Sunday, May 1, 2011

Krazy Horse Quilt Show in Pendleton, OR

Today, May Day! I enjoyed going to the Krazy Horse Quilt show in Pendleton, OR. Got to see several friends in the quilting industry and view beautiful quilts with various techniques employed.

The show organizers gave recognition to various techniques throughout the show, and the Viewer's had an opportunity to pick their favorite. Here are the Viewer's top three.

Viewer's Choice - 1st place (Shelley Coykendall)
Viewer's Choice - 2nd place (Jess Berry)
Viewer's Choice - 3rd place (Kathy Bernard)
This was my personal favorite--I loved the variety of flowers, the brightness in the fabric choices--lots of handwork too. Not that I like to do handwork myself, but I know that takes a lot of time. I tend to be more about the speed of getting it done. I don't think they have come up with a contest for that category yet ;-) !!

They also had a fabric challenge and these were the top four.
Crater Lake

Challenge fabric is used in the background here.

No doubt, Crater Lake was spectacular, but the fabric was a very patriotic one in nature, so I felt this was the best use of it in keeping with the spirit of the fabric:

These were quilts that I quilted for clients that were in the show. Thanks for sharing these with everyone. I thought you did a spectacular job on the piecing and am so happy that you were willing to put them in the show.
Marilee McQuarrie
Kathryn VanWinkle

Exhibited by Michele Olsen.

This t-shirt quilt I made on commission. I thought it was very appropriate this -cowgirl quilt- would be displayed in Pendleton's show! Home of a huge Stampede!

Here were my own that were in the show.
Supernova-Black Hole

Psychedelic America

And we put the WWVQGuild's quilt in as well.

Starlight-Flutterbright kits were sold at the show by Quiltmania-yeah! in the blue colorway.

Well, that's my very biased Krazy Horse report.


  1. It was great to have the Walla Walla quilts in our show - Thanks to all of you wonderful quilters! Marlene - about that fastest quilt - we would have to level the playing field or have several categories - how would we define when we start (thinking it up?) or finish (piecing or quilting?) hand or machine? Yikes - I think I will just let you be faster than I am!!!! Good Lord willing, you and I will never get our brains locked onto something at the same time - wheeeeeeee!
    Thanks for the photos and post!

  2. I just posted my show pics on my blog! Wasn't it a great show?!? I loved seeing all of your work there! I'm "krazy", but I'm already trying to scheme up a way to make it to Yakima's quilt show in a few weeks. Have you ever been there?

  3. When I lived in Portland we thought of Pendleton as "dusty." Except, of course, for the skirt I got that was beautiful. Loved the quilts, thanks for sharing.