Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Release and Balloon Stampede - 2011

Living in wine country and not drinking wine is rough, but it is a big market here and I wanted to try and be a part of that market by making items that would be attractive to people buying within that industry. We have over 100 wineries, I believe, in this valley, so there has got to be something that would work. Several years ago I leveraged connections with the winemaker at Saviah to sell potholders during December Barrel Tasting. During one day at least a dozen were sold, so I was convinced this would be a good thing to do, I just needed time to work on creating finished products. I really need to find good sewers who are willing to work piecework to make things.

In doing research for marketing our Quilt Guild's raffle quilt this year, I spoke with my neighbor who is the tasting room manager at Patit Creek Cellars. He was very informative and helped to determine a few things that probably wouldn't work, but also mentioned that they used to have a quilter that regularly showed quilts in their tasting room, and sold pieces as well. He suggested that if I'd like to display things or sell things, they would welcome those additions to their room. Well, nothing like an open invitation to an entrepreneur, eh? !

Wednesday night my husband was kind enough to help with designing and fabricating hanging mechanisms that would work within Patit Creek Cellar's tasting room. I hope this is a good investment.

Yesterday the marketing director for the raffle quilt, Crysta Evanenko, and I hung Walla Walla Valley Quilt Guild's Raffle Quilt. It looks great in the space with the 16' walls. The plan is to leave it there for the next two weekends - Spring Release and then Balloon Stampede. Should have good traffic both weekends--just hope Guild members come out and sell tickets! If not, Stash and Sew & Vac have tickets on hand with posters and they can sell tickets since their employees are members of the guild.

Three of my quilts are also hung for DISPLAY ONLY, at least for now, at Patit Creek Cellars. I've also put up the wall hanging, I just finished, pot holders, table trivets and my newest item, bottle bags available for purchase as well.

Bordered Beyond the BlockPsychedelic America Supernova-Black Hole 

Bottle Bags and Quilted Potholders and Table Trivets

I'm anxious to see how it goes for the next couple of weekends and if I need to get busy next week and make more based on the first weekend's activity. I'd like to at least back a few potholder/table trivets with hot air balloon fabric to be thematic for the weekend.

If you're in the area and would like to see the quilt and possibly enjoy tasting Patit Creek's new wine, definately something you should consider checking out.

Have a safe Spring Release and Balloon Stampede Weekend  (I'll be at Spring Quilt Market in Salt Lake City during Balloon Stampede). Let me know if you get out to Patit Creek Cellars and what you think.

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  1. Had to update the photo of 'View from the Old Cellar' as I got word late Friday that it sold. YOWZA! How exciting!! This will encourage me to make more.