Monday, September 19, 2011

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

Exciting weekend....from Trends (an industry event in Portland) to the Walla Walla Valley Quilt Festival, my parents here, my husband leaving for a week long visit to Houston for his work...just so much going on!

As I explained in earlier posts ...SuperNova-Blackhole was at Trends. I was able to take my mom to this event and help her get materials necessary for craft sales to help their local private school and items that they make for their 'Bags of Love' charity. Need a warm-tater bag to cook your potatoes in the microwave?--check in with my mom and support a good cause!

I personally re-stocked on wool, warm & white and Legacy 80/20 batting. I'm ready for the winter quilting season! Also picked up some fabrics from Jackie Robinson/Maywood Studio's 'Roses' line, more lumiere sateen, Jinny Beyer black eyelash, and some beautiful wine country prints. I have some ideas in the works already!

@ WWVQF I put in my Hail MBA! T-shirt quilt, Will You Accept This Rose?, and Starlight-Flutterbright. I thought I'd get my Jinny's Garden done but that didn't happen in time for the festival's cut-off.
I didn't previously post a picture of Starlight-Flutterbright with the here it is. Hard to see them, but in person, there are just enough to give it some sparkle.

My mom's however was in the show and got a 2nd Place People's Choice ribbon in the large quilt category! WHOO HOOO!!

Here she is with the quilt. To the right is a sneak peak at one of my new patterns - 'Hugs and Kisses' she made this version while testing the pattern and has called it the thread colored used in the quilting 'Indian Summer'. When she brought it up to get her 'freebie' quilting on it for testing the pattern, we had time for me to quilt it and her to bind it before the deadline for the show, so why not enter it. It was supposed to be for sale, but somehow it didn't get posted with the quilt during the will now be for sale in Arizona, all proceeds benefit their local school.

Here is some detail of the quilting.

Other customer's who put their quilts in that I had the pleasure to quilt, included:

Jessica Murf's Bug Music --although I didn't get credit for it. See CQ71 in my FB Customer Quilt's v2 photo album.
Kristin McVane's voiles - CQ64

Lois Hellie's Grandma's Love Garden--lots of custom work on this one, I even got to help her design it. CQ103 -->

Crysta Evanenko's version of my Zoe pattern. CQ107

Julia Perry's Purple Argyle quilt.  CQ24                                   Elaine Shaw's Wisteria Garden CQ51

Always fun to see them finished!

Last week I finished the INMQ Challenge and sent it up to Anita Pederson to bring to the meeting last Saturday. I'm trusting that worked out! Since the opportunity to turn them in is still OPEN...I'll not post a photo of the finished piece until the deadline.

So..what's on my design wall? My McCall's FINAL can't reveal that, but I'm also back to quilting 1892 Rondure --my McCall's Quilt Design Star 2011 Challenge #1. It was accepted, on its partial quilting, into MQX in Portland next month. so I HAVE to get it finished ;-) Here's the to work out the details so it hangs together. I'm hoping the tricks I learned at Tacoma's show will help!


Elaine's Wisteria Garden and my McCalls Challenge #2 was also accepted into MQX....exciting!!

Don't forget --deadline extended for discount if paid in full for the Ireland Trip! through Nov. 1.


  1. Your quilt and your mom's are both so beautiful!

  2. Very pretty quilts. The flower quilt your mom made is on my to-do list. I just love that pattern.