Monday, October 31, 2011

Bloggers' Quilt Festival

As I reflect on the past 6 months it is difficult to decide which single quilt to share with you. Right now, the voting is still happening, once a day over at McCall's Quilt Design Star 2011 and so the most exciting quilts I've worked on in the past 6 months have been at least two (Mi Amore and 1892 Rondure) of the three that I have created through the three challenges presented to the contestants. The final challenge was to use lyrics from a song to be inspired.

My husband and I have found very meaningful songs in our 2.5 year marriage so far. The first, 'Never Alone' and the second 'I Run to You', both sung by Lady Antebellum. We discovered the first song through Jim Brickman's CD and then started following Lady Antebellum a bit more. So, our love is still pretty young, but we've had to endure many stressful situations already that have only made us stronger as a couple. We're headed into a potentially stressful situation again with a job change, but we come back to our faith and our songs. Our special songs aren't necessarily that recognizable, so I tried to chose a love song that was at the top of the charts for a while...even it was back in the 90's!

I did a complete writeup of the design and fabrication process of the quilt 'Mi Amore' here. As I listened to the words, the visual of hearing a song kept coming to mind. I wanted to explore more 3-dimensional design work in the background and then something coming forward as well. I am very excited with the result of this quilt. I hope you like it too!
Mi Amore by Marlene Oddie 2011
Final Round Entry in the McCall's Quilt Design Star 2011 Contest
What did I learn? Here is a quote from an old post that I want to just share directly with you:
"When I started this McCall's contest, I didn't feel that I could clearly define my style of quilt design. I have made many quilts, most my own designs, but always a reaction to a particular inspiration for the ultimate recipient. Now having made 3 quilts within this challenge process, I believe that in a series, these all say that I have a style that incorporates geometric shapes, perspective/3-d and color variegations. I look forward to continuing to develop this (my) style.

1892 Rondure 70"x70"

Pulsed Illumination 37"x37"

Mi Amore - 51"x63"

Thank you McCalls for the format and organization of this process and giving those of us who participated an opportunity for exposure to a larger public and reason to explore our own style."

My next big excitement is escorting a group to the Int'l Quilt Festival of Ireland June 5-15, if you're interested in leaving out of Seattle....the full-payment discount is good through Nov. 1! Join me!

Thanks for stopping by during the festival. There are many more bloggers participating in the festival. Check them out at this linkup over at Amy's Creative Side.



  1. Your quilt is just wonderful. You have a great design sense. Good luck in the contest. Ireland sounds fun, but alas, not in my ability! I live outside wenatchee, so we're sort of neighbors! Thanks for sharing and have a great day

  2. I love the way the hearts pop out

  3. i like the hearts -- what a fun idea =)

  4. Wow, this is stunning. I am so glad I stopped by here in festival!

  5. Greetings from Hungary. I really like your quilt. Beautiful colors, and stitching. I love the asymmetrical patterns.

  6. What a lovely quilt. :) I love the gradiated hearts. Beautiful!