Monday, July 2, 2012

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

Haven't been here for a while to show any progress with respect to a Design Wall or BOM's progress.

Today I've got a few photos to share.

In May I won our local quilt guild's Block Lotto. They were crumb blocks. So, I've been experimenting with what I might do with them.

Here are some attempts. Maybe in the shape of a birthday cake? was my birthday last week! :-) or how about a graph? or a border with something else in the middle? Any other ideas??

Our Fearless Design Group decided to take on 'marbling' of fabric at our last meeting. Here are the pieces that I got to take home. The two with words or shapes, I added stickers to the fabric before putting it onto the 'bath' of paint. I'm thinking that perhaps cut into squares I could incorporate these into the crumb blocks. Perhaps ultimately being given to our local shelter.

Maybe get some butterfly wings out of this one? I even see a few yellow hearts.

I really liked the drama of the purple bits in the one below.

If you've never's not that easy. Glad we had a group of women willing to get paint on us and just act like kids experimenting with our paints and trying to figure out the gel like substance that you lay the paint onto in order to 'get it right'.

On other fronts, I successfully printed onto cotton sateen from a large inkjet printer sometimes referred to as a plotter, but specifically a HP DesignJet510.

Unfortunately there was a leading margin that I wasn't aware of required on the printer and after 3 days of trying and believing we finally got it right, I did print the whole thing, except the leading 3/4". rrrrrr.

Here it is drying. The printed portion is almost 24" wide and over 31" long. So, do I try to line it up and print the leading edge, treat more fabric and secure more large size freezer paper to get it ironed onto (any ideas if I can reuse freezer paper?) or just make it work within the 24.5" wide requirement that I was planning for.

If you've been following my progress on my SkillBuilder, yes, this is a sneak peak at something I will be incorporating into the quilt.

Come by on Tuesday to read my tutorial for a design inspired by the Olympics!

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It is good to be back! Hope I can keep up with my own schedule again!


  1. Such fun crumbs! Hope they turn into something beautiful

  2. what a great idea to NOT have them in a traditional layout.

  3. Hey! My Machine Quilting Unlimited just caught up to me at the new address, and I actually had a moment to sit and sift through it. What fun to turn the page and burst out: "Hey! This is my blog friend!" :D Pretty exciting. Congrats on all your successes lately!