Wednesday, July 11, 2012


The weeks in the summer pass by very quickly, especially when we take off on Thurs. night and return on Monday evening making a round trip via car to California.  WHEW! Even drove through a tree!

This has had no special effects added (right)....that is a very tall Redwood tree caught at the edge of the fog at Lady Bird Johnson Grove parking lot in Redwood National Park.

So, I got a couple of client quilts done, but on my personal projects, not a lot. But, I won the door prize last night at our local quilt guild (FABRIC! and a pattern written by the mother of the gal I was sitting next to! Pretty funny since the daughter moved back to town a year ago and it was her first time at guild and the mother has a shop about 2 hours away!!! p.s. I actually taught the daughter when she first started college....she is now a graduate, married and has started a company with her husband)

Here are some more images of my progress on the Olympic Flag Quilt.

Sashing pieces. Need to cut the color/background sets.

All color bits are now cut out. Need to cut out the remaining background pieces and start sewing!

Thanks for stopping by. More WIPs linked up at Lee's.


  1. Yea! The quilt looks great. That redwood pictures is incredible!! One of my favorite places!!

  2. We didn't make to the Redwood National park when we went to California but we wanted too. Maybe next time.