Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Flyover - EQ / Island Batik Design Challenge using a Boondoggle Ruler too

I have been intrigued with Bella Nonna's Boondoggle ruler for a while and have worked on developing several patterns with it, but when I saw this design challenge with EQ and Island Batik....I knew that I had to share.

The boondoggle ruler is effectively a diamond shaped ruler that isn't on a particular angle that we are used to using, so it provides a bit of a challenge to cut if you don't have the actual ruler. It also provides half lines in both directions for doing partials. To design with it, I was able to create a shape in EQ7 using the Variable Point Layout so that it is exactly what the ruler will get you.

My initial concepts had the point of view from the sky looking down, so the camouflage fabrics were the ground i.e. fields of grain.

As I learned more about the tool and EQ provided the download of fabrics to scale, I got a little bit more detailed about the fabric and its placement.

Scale of the fabric motif has a lot to do with the effectiveness of the quilt.

The scale didn't feel good, so I continued to evolve it.

Here it is with a little bit more detail in the plane and a better ground effect choosing different fabrics:

The flyover version, from the ground looking up on a clear sky day, is quite striking so this is my actual entry:

'Flyover' is 75.5" x 58" and uses both the large and small Boondoggle Rulers as a template for cutting out all blocks.
Sneak peaks of the other designs using Island Batik Quilted in Honor Fabrics:
'Under a Camo Net'

'In Memory' or 'On a Wing and a Prayer'

'Boondoggle Flag':


  1. Nice. I bought them and cut some out but haven't sewn any together. Lynn and I were going to do and I Spy with them. Life happened in-Between.

  2. Beautiful designs. Good luck in the EQ / Island Batik Challenge. And thank you for sharing insights on this ruler. Looks like a fun one and I'm already coming up with some design ideas for it.