Saturday, October 4, 2014

Simple Sewendipity: Boston Top and Blog Hop...

Happened to log into my flickr account tonight and was reminded of the Quilts for Boston bits that I made last year. The group had a lot of finished quilts in it, so thought I'd go through them and see if I could identify how my 'bits' had been used.

It was interesting that they just asked that things be a certain 'length' ...the width didn't matter, so I had a few bits of relevant colors and just stitched them together and sent them in.

I blogged about the contributions that I sent in for the Quilts for Boston back in April 2013.

Here was what I sent:

Stephanie at Simple Sewendipity received a bag of blocks and she created an "L" with my bits.

And the entire quilt top:

Here is her entire blog post about it.

Simple Sewendipity: Boston Top and Blog Hop...: About a month ago at the Quilts for Boston sew-in at gather here , I ended up focusing on making quilt backs instead of assembling a top.  ...

See the 'LOVE' down the middle?

Here is the finished quilt, WPD17, shown in the flickr group "Quilts for Boston" made through the efforts of the Boston Modern Quilt Guild.

Blessings to the recipient and all those involved in the process of creating this offer of comfort.

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