Monday, August 17, 2015

Summer in the Country Blog Hop

It is time for the Summer in the Country Blog Hop. Here is the link list. I'll be hosting on two different days -- 18-Aug and 30-Aug. Looking forward to sharing with you some beautiful fabrics and new designs. Enjoy the hop and I hope you win some beautiful fabrics!

Date          Blogger         Bloglink
8/17/2015 Katie
8/18/2015 Marlene Oddie
8/19/2015 Connie Kauffman
8/20/2015 Adele Mogavero
8/21/2015 Joan Kawano
8/22/2015 Pamela Boatright
8/23/2015 Connie Kresin Campbell
8/24/2015 Linda Pearl
8/25/2015 Carol Steely
8/26/2015 Pam Geisel
8/27/2015 Patti Bochey
8/28/2015 Barb Gaddy
8/29/2015 Tammy Silvers
8/30/2015 Marlene Oddie
8/31/2015 Bea Lee
9/1/2015 Nan Baker
9/2/2015 Maria Hrabovsky
9/3/2015 Maryellen McAuliffe
9/4/2015 Christine Martinez


  1. Thank you for all this info! Your Quilts are all the different colorways! Love how they are all so unique...even tho same Pattern used! Awesome job!

    Thanks for chance to win you rGive-a-way too! :)

  2. Pretty Quilts. Woven Braid is my choice, any color group.