Sunday, October 25, 2015

Fall 2015 - Blogger's Quilt Festival - ROYGBV - Dangling Diamonds

I'm excited to be sharing this quilt with you as part of Amy's Creative Side - Blogger's Quilt Festival.

I have always wanted to create a ROYGBV quilt and it finally came together this year. This is also hanging at Fall Market in the Island Batik booth using their new fabrics from the Sea Salt Sandy Collection.

My quilt design is called "Dangling Diamonds" and uses Bella Nonna Design Studio's Boondoggle Rulers.

The pattern, with several bonus Quilted in Honor themed patterns, will be available Nov. 1 after its release at Int'l Quilt Market or can be ordered hard copy from me directly or ask your local quilt shop to carry them.

Here are a few details of how I quilted it. With all the angles in the piecing, I wanted to create some twirling effects. I created a card stock template of this shape and traced it into each large background diamond as I went. It is with a purple disappearing ink pen, so it doesn't stay there long.


For the colored diamonds I used matching metallic thread. The center diamond was marked with disappearing ink to give me a registration point for the center, the rest used some straight rulers but a lot of freehand and eyeballing to keep it fairly consistent. Ultimately the key here--loosen the top tension to almost nothing!

In the small diamonds, I used this curved ruler to create a consistent arc, then freehanded the rest.


I used two layers of 80/20 bleached batting. I love the relief where it is NOT quilted.


Dangling Diamonds by Marlene Oddie of Kissed Quilts
using Bella Nonna Design Studio Boondoggle Rulers(tm)
56" x 71"
Thanks for stopping by and considering this quilt for your ROYGBIV vote!


  1. Beautiful! Your quilting is spectacular. Visiting from the Blogger's Quilt Festival.

  2. Oh wow!!! I have so much appreciation for that beautiful quilting!!!!

  3. I agree the quilting is fabulous! Your quilt design is also lovely well done and good luck.

  4. Your quilting really makes the quilt. Gorgeous.

  5. Very pretty. I love how you quilted it.

  6. "Simple" and stunning indeed! This is gorgeous!

  7. very fun quilt. love the design and the quilting is fantastic