Monday, January 16, 2017

Design Wall Monday

Progress on my Crossings Quilt ....

A few notes re: the pattern images and specifications.
The center rectangles in the cutting instructions say 5 1/2" ...I believe they should only be 5". The assembly instructions refer to the rectangles as 5 1/2".

The images for the corner squares seem larger proportionally than they turn out, so I think that there might have been changes from the original design and creation than what the pattern was written for.

Regardless you'll have enough fabric, just a bit confusing.

Blog Hop is still going on ...refer to my last week's post for the current schedule.

My other 'secret' project got quilted and I learned that I can't show any you'll likely have to wait until next year to see it. Stay tuned!  I plan to get it 'faced' and finish the embellishments this week.

Thanks Judy for hosting!

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  1. uhh does that mean another published quilt in the works??