Monday, January 30, 2017

Design Wall Monday

Here is my vision that is beginning on my virtual design wall! :-) HAA ......individual elements have begun to be cut out, but this is what I'm working on for a new commission from a very dear friend...she was my mentor during those formative high school years. She wasn't sure about hiring me, but she did and instilled in me a strong work ethic for sure!

Note the fussy cutting of the 'hearts' and then the lace elements in the HSTs ....yes that is not going to be easy...but for her, I want to make it happen...and it is truly my style to do that and leverage the motif of the fabric to the max.

The fabrics are from the collection "Unbridled" and the blue background is a light weight denim. It will definitely be a southwest themed design.

I'm also working on my long-arm today. These placemats are one of the 'to do' items on my list from moons today is the day!

I got my customer quilts for the month done, so I'm taking a little time for me to get some UFOs quilted.

I also want to briefly share with you a bit of my own health journey. More than 15 years ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and not long after with PCOS. Later another autoimmune disease was identified and within the last couple of years I was also diagnosed with Hashimoto's.

Although the conventional medicine doctors said I was doing all that I could, when you don't feel good you know there is something more.

Recently I did some research and discovered NEW research has been coming out that ties your gut with your brain and ultimately how your thyroid operates....and so perhaps there is now some insight into the root of all autoimmune diseases (not just the ones that I have, but many others too).

I took this picture on Friday because I was just soo happy to discover my neck in the mirror. I have been working through a two week 'elimination' diet process and, yes, feel much better and have lost weight which I had been trying to do for a long time with no luck. I will start a process tomorrow of reintroducing foods that are possible triggers in my gut. Once I can identify those (part of why it is not mainstream medicine--there is no exact science for everyone--it is unique to your own situation and it takes time to figure it out) then I can choose to eliminate those specific foods from my diet and should feel better on an on-going basis. It should also lower my antibodies, reduce inflammation and minimize if not completely reduce my autoimmune issues.

I'm not making any thing from this, but if I help someone who is reading become aware of this information, then it is worth it. I first read the book 'Root Cause' by Dr. Izabella Wentz --The Thyroid Pharmacist.

She recently aired a 9 part series called The Thyroid Secret.

If you're searching for better health, consider the information and take it under advisement however it might apply --to you or a loved one.

In other news... ;-)
Island Batik Blog hop is wrapping up this week...don't forget to check it out if you'd like a chance to win some fabric. Did you catch my completion of the Island Batik quilt I've been working on this month?

Later this week I'm scheduled to be a guest blogger over at Tamarinis.

Enjoy wrapping up this first month of the year! I'm hoping to get my 3 UFOs completed on time!


  1. looking good. keep it up. I am trying to figure out what works for me right now.

  2. I really like the piece you are doing for your former mentor. Because I'm from the southwest, I'd love something like that, and I know she will, too. I like the way you are utilizing the fabrics with fussy cutting. Stunning piece! I'm glad you've found something which will help your health issues! That sounds wonderful!

  3. You look great. I am sorry I missed the series about thyroid. Really like the quilt you finished that is in your newsletter that looks like Xs.