Sunday, December 31, 2017

Plans for 2018

2018 Planning Party I haven't even finished writing my wrap up for 2017, but there is a linkup for 2018 goals ending TODAY, so I decided to put some thoughts together and see what materializes.

Sometimes I'd like to just create a list of quilts I want to make, but I'm always looking at my business and wondering how to better serve the needs of my clients and still maintain my health! So, here goes my transparent sharing of what is going on in my passion of quilting that manifests in the concept of a business -- KISSed Quilts and as therapy for my personal health.

New online website -- yes, you'll have better access to what I have in my quilt shop! (it started as my quilting studio about 5 years ago and as people stopped in they asked if I had fabric) So, for the last several years I've been investing in inventory and now want to share that inventory with more than the approx 4,000 people who live in this rural community of Grand Coulee, WA and any visitor who happens to come through town (we do get 250,000 annually to visit the Grand Coulee Dam and take in the multitude of recreational opportunities available here). I generally keep my prices at a bare minimum retail to begin with and want to be an "I'll try here first" source for locals when they need something. I'm willing to place orders or help you source just what you're looking for. I look forward to sharing it with you when it comes online.

Country Register Articles -- This started as a way to get my ideas and designs out to a larger audience early on in my business that was started in 2009. Do you pick up a Country Register wherever you're at in North America? Most editors include my articles now, so I hope you enjoy them. Let me know if there are things you'd like me to talk about or share, design inspirations, patterns, etc. ??

Quilt Shop vs. Quilting Studio vs. Row by Row Participant -- how many of you will be participating in the Sew Musical Row by Row Experience (tm) event this year?  Have you tired of the idea? or are you still excited about shopping during your summer travels, specifically Grand Coulee? Are you turned off when there are no posted hours for a rural shop but a phone# to call if you'd like to patronize the business? I've maintained 10am-5pm Monday-Friday summer hours the last two years but this past summer in particular, I could go for days without anyone coming in the shop. Trying to figure out if it is worth it.

Patterns - I do enjoy designing a unique treasure for you, so writing patterns cryptic (EQ8 assisted) or full details is an enjoyable process if I know the intent and desire for something special. I'd like to see more of my patterns picked up by distributors or large retailers and am always happy to assist a local quilt shop by providing patterns to them on a wholesale basis. If there are any in particular you'd like, you can purchase them as PDF downloads at Craftsy or printed copies via mail on my website. Did you see my Winter Bright Kit at Keepsake Quilting?

Customer Quilting -- will continue. Thanks for entrusting your treasures to me. I feel good about the balance this past year.

Teaching locally and beyond -- I enjoy seeing the light bulbs come on in students when sharing my knowledge with them.

Personal Projects -- I can't help it!!! I want to get some long sitting quilts quilted. I'll list these for now (:-))

Verlie's KF Butterfly - joint project
Nancy Cargo’s Inverted Rondure - joint project
Tahoe w/Kahona fabrics - joint project/shop sample
GRAFIC Fabric - Turning Twenty - shop sample
Log-Cabin Retreat - Lake Rules - retreat result
Labyrinth Walk - class sample
Ticket in Hand - class sample
Home Sweet Home – Row by Row 2016
2015 NCWa Shop Hop–Quilter’s Fruit Loop
Fall Wallhanging - orphan blocks made into something!
2016 NCWa Shop hop–Come Fall In Love
I Wish you a Merry QAL - Stars of the Season

Lone Star Runner --it might be hand quilted, oy vey!! ??

(2) QOV-joint projects --awaiting arrival from piecers

Piecing in Progress
Bonnie Hunter - 2017 Mystery - On Ringo Lake
Bonnie Hunter - 2015 Mystery - Alletaire
"B" Fabric
Four Patch Flip

Metro Rings
Rondure - Electric City version
2015 Road Trip RxR - hydropower story
2017 RxR - whimsy/paper airplanes/mail themed

French Braid 

City Culture II idea
Aves  -- join me on this weekly block release from downunder (small fee)
365 Challenge -- did you do this already? (free) I'm going to finally get on board this year and use my Island Batik stash! Since it is from down under the first block has been issued already (time zone differences)!

I know there are others, but this is what it is and for now, that's plenty!

Other Activities Scheduled
Final Island Batik Blog Hop as an Island Batik Ambassador will happen in January. I've got four posts planned, including details of my quilting on a new BOM project by Bella Nonna Design studio,  two of my own new BOMs that I am considering doing an online progressive tutorial for others to follow along, and a free pattern for another project. So, I hope you'll stop back in January several different times for all the great inspiration. I will continue to pitch ideas to Island Batik for market catalogs.

Attend a Retreat in April and have a pop-up shop for one day

Host a 5 day Retreat in October -- want to join us? -- consider taking Rondure or 'work on your own' projects.

With the new EQ8 version out, I've been going through it to make sure I can update my EQ class with the latest version 'user friendly' changes.

Continue on my journey to better health. After being diagnosed with a 4th disease classified as autoimmune, I decided I needed more than traditional medicine wisdom. Gratefully I found new research being published for autoimmune conditions by several traditional medicine educated professionals who have gone back for additional schooling in functional/integrative medicine and/or have documented thousands of cases in their own practice and determined that food is medicine and your gut needs to be healed in order to address your autoimmune conditions.  One of the most important findings was a book by Izabella Wentz, PharmD. I've taken it all in and have worked on healing my gut by identifying trigger foods that were causing this situation. Each person's triggers may be different, so it is a journey to figure it out, but well worth it. So, for the past year I have not eaten gluten or dairy intentionally and lost weight. I feel so much better from an 'inflammation of joints and muscles' perspective and all of my autoimmune symptoms are greatly reduced. I've started working on reducing medication that I've been on for many years and hope to continue the weight loss in a natural sort of way. I'd also like to increase my regular exercise during days that the weather prevents outdoor opportunities. A special thanks to those who have gone before and have been willing to share their personal testimonies and inspire others. Some of you reached out when stopping by the shop during Row by Row or emailed me and I know my willingness to share opened your own eyes to more information or you were able to pass it on to a loved one and it has made a difference--this truly inspires me and keeps me going. Thanks for reading and Cheers to a Happy New Year!!

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  1. Girl I'm tired just reading all you have done and want to do. Not counting y our health issues. Do you think slowing down just a little would maybe help? Stress is an evil thing. Saying a prayer for your health in 2018

    1. So true!!! I have a hard time with NOT being productive, so am always trying to go go go. My husband sure tries to slow me down. Just wired that way. I am saying no to some initiatives (IBA) so that is a start. At least when it is my own expectations it is a bit easier to just decide it 'AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN' and move on ;-) Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much for sharing and linking up, Marlene. I hope you continue to have better health throughout 2018 and I wish you a lot of creative joy. Happy New Year!