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WIP 2017

Completions from Prior Years (Goal 3 per month!)  ....well I got a total of 7 from the old list completed. But many more new got started and finished too. Links to more details and photos are included where applicable.

#1 - Sea Bubbles a Spring Market 2017 release with Island Batik (Seas the Day Fabric Collection)
Patterns available via PDF at Craftsy or printed (KQ24) via my shop.

#2-5 Placemats (from 2015) - Jinny Beyer border print, yielded these 4 unique placemats. Love working with these prints and these in particular are my colors!!

#6 Irish Clock ( 2016 IB Mini Challenge) - this is intended to be more than a quilted item, you'll have to wait!

New Completions 2017
* Ain't Nothin' But A Hound Dog - Inspired by Elvis, but mindful of its origin --watch for it this Spring when published as part of a new book from Schiffer Publishing.
* Medieval Times - New Beginnings Blog Hop - Crossings Quilt (design source- Wendy Sheppard) - Island Batik Twilight Blush Fabric Collection

*Postcard - IBA February Challenge

*Winter Night Sky - IBA March Challenge--Paper or English Paper Piecing Mini

*Fresh Pickins Kennel Quilt - IBA April Emergency Project ready for Market Rep Sample

*Beginning Paper Piecing Sample w/JB Border in anticipation of AQS Class - Des Moines, IA 2017

*IBA Applique Adventure -- paper pieced heart 

*IBA Applique Adventure - orange peels

*On the Go (Mail) for 2017 Row by Row Experience - kits available and similar binding fabric.

*IBA Modern Challenge - Glowing Embers 

*IBA Oh Baby! Challenge - Legend of Lake Roosevelt
Fabrics available in my shop.

*Fall Festival -- full post in January 2018

*Alpine Nights -- full post in January 2018

*IBA Challenge - Oh Baby! - Baby Bubbles using Seas the Day fabrics

*IBA Challenge - Quilt as you Go - Love Thistle

*Christmas Caroling RAL - Ornament Song

*Poppy Celebration Placemats (2)
*Poppy Celebration Placemats (6)

*IBA Challenge - Inca inspired placemats

*USC T-shirt Quilt 

*Autumn's Grace IBA Challenge - "Fall in the City" w/free tutorial -- watch for this late Jan. 2018

*Hollow Star - QOV

*Cusco Alley (SECRET UNTIL 5/2018)
*Spirit Butterfly (SECRET UNTIL 5/2018)
*Anchored to the Cross, mug rug and wall hanging for PJ

*Skill Builder Table Scraps - IBA Dec Challenge, Blocks from Chapters 1-3

*Commission of Tree Skirt and skinny runner for Rani

*Commission for Shanni - Pieces of our Past

*Skinny runner for me ;-)

Joint Projects Completed
finish Eggers Commission --client's daughter to add skirt.

quilt/bind Flyover...joint project w/Quilt of Valor Stars Admin - Carol Cricenti

quilt/bind Flag...joint project w/Quilt of Valor Stars Admin - Carol Cricenti

Lights! Camera! Qu-action! -- a Donald Duck feature - Donna Entze and Betty Baerg  --pattern in the works and kit is available--let me know if you're interested!

Mom's Star quilt -- she quilted most of it

modify/quilt/bind Memory Garden....joint project w/QOV Stars Member - Becky Covey

#7 (from 2016) --but it became a Joint Project: Puddle Jumpers Take 1 - w/Kathy Pike (she did the binding)  -- an adapted design from Tricia Cribbs/Turning Twenty/Friendfolks pattern Gimme 5. It is smaller than any on her pattern and I put a border print in the border and coordinating fabrics in the corners. All fabrics are available in my shop.

Line Dance- a joint project of Judy Miles and myself (quilted and bound) on behalf of Coulee Creators and donated to the Grand Coulee Dam Area Chamber of Commerce for their annual fundraiser.

quilt Clock
quilt Placemats

bind Placemats
Pine Needles --another "OWN" block

Row by Row 2016 patriotic row (Quilter's Crossing, TX) - sent to QOV Stars

finish "In Memory" re-work piecing
started Eggers Commission
Paper Pieced Heart (IBA)

*Eggers Commission progress
*USC T-shirt quilt shirt stabilizing
*Row by Row 2017 design
-->Quilt 'til you Wilt -- 2 IB designs - block assembly
  *Lake Life -border 2 adjoining sides of block w/cream
  *Glowing Embers - 8HSTs at a time
*Ribbon Box Quilt (v2) top made

Electric City - (envisioned originally in 2014, started in 2015) Rondure version from several years ago started as a class sample but hadn't made much progress. Hosted an intensive in GC and got all through Round 2 blocks made.

*On the Go (Mail) for 2017 Row by Row Experience
* Eggers Commission progress
*Lake Life top assembly complete
*Glowing Embers top assembly complete
*IBA Applique Adventure -- paper pieced heart
*IBA Applique Adventure - orange peels
North Central WA Shop Hop 2015 (take to fix @ retreat) - consider adding grass border
re-do of JB borders on Nancy's Inverted Rondure

-scrap block for joint project gift to hospitality host at Lutherhaven

piecing progress - Labyrinth Walk
punched hole in clock

*quilt/bind - Glowing Embers - IBA Challenge

FINISH-- Eggers Commission
quilt/bind  Flyover...joint project
quilt/bind Flag...joint project

*Quilt iba challenge - lake life ..legend of lake Roosevelt
*Rowalong Christmas Carols - Ornament Song pieced
*2017 RxR - It's all about the Journey Row from Colorado Springs, CO

quilt - Donald Duck; photograph/finish pattern - joint project
*2017 RxR - Quilted Posies, Spokane, WA

2015 Row by Row - progress on Spokane Quilting Bee Row prep

quilt Puddle Jumpers take 1 - SOLD to Kathy Pike (she did the binding)
*Snowflake block - Wishing you a Merry QAL
*Forest block - Wishing you a Merry QAL
quilted In Memory-joint project
quilted and bound Line Dance-joint project

*santa's belt block - wishing you a merry QAL
*snowman - wishing you a merry QAL

*TEACHING AT AQS, Des Moines, IA  --this post shows a few other milestones from this year

*Spirit Butterfly --- secret until 5/2018
*ornaments - wishing you a merry QAL
*angel - wishing you a merry QAL
*poinsettia - wishing you a merry QAL
*presents - wishing you a merry QAL
*Reindeer Games - wishing you a merry QAL
*Autumn's Grace - Fall in the City  --full post coming in late January
*GRAFIC sample - Turning Twenty

*"B" sample center - Turning Twenty Again!

added kites and grass border to 2015 Shop Hop quilt

*I know the plans....a joint project inspired at Camp MiVoden, KISSed Quilts' retreat 

IBA - Creative Borders/Bindings --recap of this year's applicable projects

*I Wish you a Merry blocks - Lantern/Lamp Post and North Star
*Sub (joint project w/Katya) - QOV - cut and started sewing
FRIEND: blog about Island Batik rayon toddler dress project
corrected a 2007 Alaska Shop Hop block
*Skill Builder Blocks  ...we're starting Chapter 3 now
*Bonnie Hunter - Mystery Step 1 tests
*Alletaire --2005 BHQuiltville mystery Step 1

finish Labyrinth Walk piecing

finish Lone Star piecing (note : resurrected from a 2009 class w/Eddie Walker)

FRIEND: Blog about Island Batik Rayon top
*Bonnie Hunter Quiltville On Ringo Lake Steps 2-6 tests (I want to make a different size, so am waiting to know enough to decide how many to make).  This is just a guess.

*Alletaire --2015 BHQuiltville mystery Step 2 progress

Ready to Quilt from 2016 list
  • A Ticket in Hand - with borders added. Panel fabric still available and a few of the other fillers. Let me know if you'd like this fun fabric --great if you're traveled to Europe and want to create a great memory or perhaps you have a young person who will head to Europe for university studies or summer travels.

  • Road trip 2016 - my version of this year's Row by Row Experience horizontal and verticals combined. There will be topically applied elements both during the quilting process and after to complete this.

  • 2016 North Central Washington Shop Hop - Come Fall into Love

Fall Wallhanging (from 2014 list!)

from 2015 list:
  • Dogwood Limb (EQ Seasons RAL)
    --to quilt or expand ??
  • Lucky Pot of Gold or Ode to Ireland (a Mi Amore shamrock version) applique still to add.
  • Baskets - WW Valley Quilt Guild 2006 BOM (pictured years ago! and my quilting designs for it continue to evolve)
Joint Projects
  • Lights! Camera! Qu-action! - a Donald Duck Action! cartoon inspired design (pieced by Donna E. and Betty B). Pattern available soon!
  • Flag - a boondoggle sample (bonus pattern in Dangling Diamonds) pieced by Carol C. DONE 6.2017 -- presented to Ken Lockenwitz 11/11/17
  • Flyover - a boondoggle sample (bonus pattern in Dangling Diamonds) pieced by Carol C...DONE 6.2017
  • In Memory - a boondoggle sample (bonus pattern in Dangling Diamonds) - outer edges and border still needed-- DONE 9.2017 - presented 10/17 to Dick Jarrett
  • Cool Penguin, partly pieced by Julie Tapley - Country Register Pattern Sample
  • Joint Secret Project w/Verlie Ward - Kaffe Fassett fabric, my Boondoggle Butterfly design
  • Quilter's Fruit Loop --2015 Shop Hop sample (pieced by Nancy Cargo -- re-did grass/fencing sections due to a pattern difference from the original image; consider bordering with grass); finished applique of kites 10/17
  • Inverted Rondure - Nancy Cargo
Joint WIPs:
  • Camouflage Canopy (from tester);
2016 UFOs:

Train set - with IB Sea Salt Sandy and some other background -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt dies (rentable in the classroom) were used to cut these.

Little cars - with IB Fire Island -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.
Umbrellas -- an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger. #Accuquilt die (rentable in the classroom) was used to cut these.

Raindrops --an IBA challenge that I want to incorporate into something bigger.

2015 Row by Row - my own Columbia River story version --several rows have been made, but alas they are sitting waiting for more attention!

2007 Alaska Shop Hop --got them out and thought, 10 years --I need to finish this and realized one block was stitched wrong, so I fixed it, got something done! Still several more blocks to make and decisions on ultimate placement and size, etc.

Out of the Darkness - Pam Bono --maybe one more block, then center and borders

OLD LIST, once upon a time was publicly listed as 'next items' but never got started and there are too many piles of fabric destined as possible projects to list here ;-)...ha!:
  • Peace Park
  • Snowflake/blizzard --except that I used some of the snowflakes as inspiration for the Cool Penguin design and in my "Protection from the Storm" several years ago
  • 2007 Shop Hop the Blues - bow ties?
  • 2009 Shop Hop the Blues - fall leaves?
2014 list
    • Electric City - a new 1892 Rondure version, stalled in 2015 but imminent--I hope--in 2016--most got going in March 2017, still need to do 3rd round
    • OWN -  did Pine Needles in early 2017; next up are 2 large blocks
2015 list
    • Metro Rings --I was able to make a decision on the QSTs, so they will be different.
    • Four Patch Flip- a spring result, but has been sitting there waiting for me to work on it.
    • French Braid

Completed: 47 + 1 non quilted item + 8 joint projects
Started the year (2017) with WIP: 24 + 8 joint projects
New end of year 2017 WIP: 8 + 1 joint projects
Ended 2017 with WIP: 30 + 5 joint projects

So less 'joint projects' to end the year but added more WIPs ...ah well. We can try again in 2018 to whittle that down a bit better.

Note: projects for others, I quilted 53 edge to edge (pantograph designs or freehand) and 25 Custom. All were hand guided. Included in these numbers are joint projects that included 6 for charity and 8 group projects.

TOTAL: 125!! quiltings (an average of 6.5 customer projects and almost 4 personal project completions/mo)
crazy!!  I'm thinking less will be more next year ...just for my own sanity ;-) HA!!

I posted a PLANS for 2018, so if you're curious, enjoy my musings and what I'm considering.

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!  (out takes of my Asterisk block from You Can Quilt!)

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  1. that's a lot of quilts and quilts that you quilted for others!! wow. Happy new year and sorry you're not re-joining IB for 2018, but I'll still follow you here :)