Tuesday, January 30, 2018

City Windows Featuring Island Batik's Autumn's Grace Collection

Autumn’s Grace – City Windows

This beautiful collection has 30 pieces. I wanted to show off all of the pieces and was inspired by the house I used to live at in San Francisco, built in 1927. It has beautiful arts and crafts architecture of the time with wooden moldings and interesting glass panes in the door ways. When I went searching online for something Stickley or Arts and Crafts or Craftsman like, I found Amy Smart’s Craftsman quilt.

I wanted to maximize the use of the fat quarter and show off the beautiful designs, so chose not to use her specific design but go my own direction. 

Here is the result.
Fat Quarter Friendly – regardless of direction of the fabric, you can choose to cut it up and maximize a fat quarter to make this quilt. Based on how big you’d like your quilt will directly depend upon how many fat quarters you need.  These blocks are 17”x 17” finished. I used a 1” finished sashing in the block and between blocks. I also used the same sashing fabric as the binding. Another idea is to use a bit of the leftovers from the fat quarters as a scrappy binding.

I've put together requirements for 11 different sizing configurations below.

# of Fat quarters (layout) finished size; Sashing/border/binding fabric requirements:
6 FQ ( 2 x 3 ) 37” x 55”; 1.125 yds
9 FQ (3 x 3) 55” x 55”; 1.375 yd
12 FQ (3 x 4) 55” x 73”; 1.75 yds
15 FQ (3 x 5) 55” x 91”; 2 yds
16 FQ (4 x 4) 73” x 73”; 2 yds
18 FQ (3 x 6) 55” x 109”; 2.25 yds
20 FQ (4 x 5) 73” x 91”; 2.5 yds
21 FQ (3 x 7) 53” x 125”; 2.5 yds
24 FQ (4x6) 73” x 109”; 2.75 yds
25 FQ (5x5) 91” x 91”; 2.875 yds
30 FQ (5 x 6) 91” x 109”; 3.125 yds

I used some of the leftover bits from the fat quarters to increase the size of my wide-back so it was large enough for the 30 block quilt.

Quilted it with a beautiful YLI variegated thread--Aspen Gold--and the "Curly Maple" pantograph. I used Warm & Natural for the batting.

Want a PDF download of this pattern? You'll find it at my Craftsy page NOW for FREE -- TODAY ONLY,  and can purchase a hard copy or PDF download starting February 1 at my new website www.kissedquilts.com.

Hope you enjoyed this inspiration and the introduction to these beautiful Autumn’s Grace Fabrics from Island Batik.

This is my final 'new design' IBA post for this season. Each week of this blog hop I've done a visual recap of the season, so I'll add one at the end of this week to do a final wrap up.
Winter Spring  Summer ...and to come...Fall.

It has been a great opportunity to share these beautiful fabrics, I hope you’ve enjoyed my projects for the past three years. I'm looking forward to using my time on other projects that have been percolating in my brain. 

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  1. Beautiful! I think the choice to use the same fabric for the binding and the sashing was perfect. It really gives the impression of an apartment building with windows everywhere. Thank you for your generosity. I love collecting fat quarters and this will be a fun design to work on. Have an amazing week!!!

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    usairdoll (at) gmail (dot) com

    1. Marlene.. I went to Craftsy to download your free pattern and it’s showing $5.00. It was free through today, the 30th, correct? Or did I goof? ;-D

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