Monday, April 18, 2011

Design Wall Monday - April 18

Supernova Quilt Along is in progress.

Also on my wall are 3 blocks made from the Chapter 3 assignment in Fearless Design. I have a small group that meets about once a month and we're methodically going through this book. I'm enjoying the fellowship with the group, flexibility of our schedule and learning together. In this chapter we're learning about scale, value and balance. The on-point block is symmetrical on the vertical axis (Do you see a sting ray headed south?--identified after I placed the fabrics), the other two are asymmetrical--the right one with a negative slope (termed from my math teacher mother, but it was what I was going for in the design), the left one just seems pretty random, as a design not sure it does anything for me, but it is asymmetrical ;-) I may re-do this one to consider better balance. All 3 blocks have exactly the same 5 fabrics and cut pieces used, just placed differently.

And here is a quilt top I just finished the assembly on today and added the border. Now need to quilt quickly and get into the U-Shop as a sample today. Someone on staff at WWU will be the recipient....they don't know yet ;-)!

Come back on WIP Wednesday to see my completed projects this week. I think you'll be impressed. Here is a preview of one, taken from the backside with the sun on the front side ...loved the stained glass look!

That's what is happening here. Check out more Design Walls Indexed @ Judy's Patchwork Times.

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  1. Lovely quilt top, interesting placement/value study, and I decided to follow your blog so I could see what you have done with the "stained glass" quilt.