Monday, April 4, 2011

Designs on my Wall - April 4, 2011

Supernova is in pieces on my cutting board.

Psychedelic America made some progress... I'll be working on this big time today.

Taught a class for my Starlight-Flutterbright pattern yesterday at Highland Quilts in Athena, OR. This is what the design wall looked like at the end of the first stage. Everyone was able to complete 1/4 of the center medallion (this is just 1 corner) but I didn't get photos of them.

One person finished the center medallion.
Looking forward to seeing the alternative colorways completed.

Judy's index of Design Walls on Monday will continue to inspire!


  1. Nifty star design. You certainly have a variety of quilts you are working on. I get so bored just doing one so I do too!

  2. Everything is beautiful, love all your color choices.

  3. Great projects. I really like the Origins fabric you are using in the first quilt.

  4. I really, really like the star design!! How stunning!