Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Rush

My tip this week is for pieced borders. Be sure to stay-stitch your edge before sending it out for quilting, or quilting it yourself. This helps to keep the edge from stretching or unraveling when it is being handled in the quilting process.

I'm working on some new designs that I look forward to sharing with you after the holidays!
Time to finish up those Christmas gifts and enjoy time with your family and friends. You are part of the gifts I have received this year. Thanks for reading along.


  1. Good tip! I usually don't piece the borders, but have a few times... I bet that'd help with many quilts... I know you do it with garments, but I never thought of doing it with quilts...

  2. My fabric doesn't seem to want to go under the presser foot evenly with so little fabric on the one side, it bunches and twists. Does this ever happen to you? Or do you have any tips?