Monday, December 5, 2011

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

Can't say I've made much progress, but I also lost an opportunity to take a photo of some exciting things I was working on. I donated them before capturing a shot to a worthy cause.

Here are the leftovers that I just can't put in the trash. Thinking I should mug rug them or something! Any other ideas?

Still working on my Oddie's Wild Nature (O.W.N.) ....auditioning backgrounds for the eagle block. I'm also thinking the eagle might need to have a fish in its talons! wdyt?

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  1. Yeah, he needs a fish! He's hungry and it's Christmastime. Every eagle deserves a nice juicy fish at Christmastime! ;D

  2. On the blog hop giveaway post you asked for comments on which quilt pattern we liked and the appeal. I remembered the 1st part but not the 2nd part not :-( the appeal for me is the applique hearts and I love the way they drifting down the quilt.