Monday, December 12, 2011

Design Wall Monday

Started making several 'Mug Rugs' for a Guild exchange as well as gifts for the employees at a local Credit Union --I just happen to be the Board Chair and my 3 year term on the board is about to end, so thought this would be a nice little gift to the current employees. The Blue Mountain range can be seen from our town and we grow onions, grapes, wheat, have a hot air balloon stampede each year and well, it is a credit union, so money should be represented somehow. These are the themes that will be used on the lower portion of each mug rug as well as on the back. Here are two so far. I also have a surprise in the works for my departure.

I've got over 100 followers now!! WHOO HOO!! The 100th is Tina and she's going to test the 'Mi Amore' quilt and receive a discount for quilting, if I do it for her. Thanks!!!

This week I've got two giveaways going on. You'll have to read my SewMamaSew Giveaway Day post (runs through Dec. 16, 2011, 5pm PST) and this past weekend's Quilting Gallery Blog Hop Party & Giveaway post (runs through Dec. 17, 2011) in order to find out how to enter and what the giveaways are! LOTS OF FABRIC!!!

Hope you are getting lots done in the rush before Christmas. I need to get back at it!

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  1. Your mug rugs are neat! Nice you found a way to make them reflect your area. Hope you don't have too many to do before the holidays.