Monday, January 21, 2013

Design Wall Monday

Drying on my Design Wall is my Irena Bluhm class project from Spring 2012. Finally finished the coloring of the outer elements and applied the textile medium. Thank you to those who provided input last time I posted this, regarding coloring the hearts. Ended up with two styles, but am happy with the result.
Working still on discovering the bottom of the flooring in the new studio. Finally got to floor #9 today and this is the bottom! We cut a few pieces to be sure and saw the dirt in the crawl space (well, somewhat of a crawl space, not sure a baby could crawl under there in some spots). So...need to remove remaining 1/3 of #6 (hardwood) ....#7 and #8 there were signs of it, but not much remained, so we hope we won't find any more...and then #9 (hardwood) will need to be removed as well before we can start the leveling process. My DH is sincerely a DH!!
It is bloody cold here too!
But am very excited that the new flooring arrived today.

Signs of better things to come! Have a great week working on whatever you are inspired to create.
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  1. wow that is stunning marlene! I want to learn how to do that- one day :-)

  2. 9 floors! Wow :) It's definitely going to be worth it, though to have the level surface for the longarm. And you must have gained 3 inches!

  3. Having removed old floors before, I can appreciate how much work that was! WOW! 9 layers?!?! I hope the roof isn't in the same condition :-O. Love the bamboo!!

  4. This quilt is BEAUTIFUL. XX Kathleen