Wednesday, January 16, 2013


Although most of my time is dealing with the renovations on the new studio (first coat of paint is basically done)

and house hunting (received signed contract from seller on Tuesday this week! WHOO HOOOO!!! sneak peak below, can I just say location, location, location! Look at the view!!)

Last week I was working on my Skill Builder Sampler quilting. Have it almost done. Still wanting to do some contouring on the flesh of Rosie in her face, neck and arms/hands. Researching until I get back into the long-arm space to finish it up. Suggestions or example links are welcomed.

This week I have used any spare minutes to make a little bit of progress on a small piece.

I took a class from Irena Bluhm last spring and decided near the end of 2012 that I would try to finish the piece I started in the class.

I had colored in the center 4 large feathered elements with green/purple/pink/yellow colored pencils and applied textile medium in the class.

I have now quilted the outer feathers and hearts and have used colored pencils to color in most of them (a few sets to go).

Debating on whether to make the hearts purple or leave them white. WDYT?

Then I need to apply textile medium to the new colored areas ....let it sit for a week, then block it and bind it in a beautiful purple batik that helps the purple pop.

2013 Stats:
Completed: 1
In Progress: 9


  1. Purple hearts, deep with a red undertone.

  2. So lovely! I've always thought it would be cool to take a class from Irena Bluhm. I think definitely color in the hearts, either a deep purple or a deep gold would be my suggestion. Good luck!

  3. Ha! When purple is involved, you must favor more than less ;-). You know I love that color. That house view looks great! So much going on for you right now. Thanks for the update! As for the arms, how about lines, like you'd see on a topo map? Just a thought...

    1. Topomap, yes, like contour lines....that gives me a nice thought since the colorations change slightly and that could be a good line to follow as well, just have to think in increments like a topo too. Thanks!

  4. Location location location... Wow weee what a view!!!
    I vote for purple grading from dark at point to light at curves of heart.
    Have a great day.
    Always, Queenie

  5. I would do the hearts in purple. The view from the houses is wonderful.

  6. oh! Your new environ looks fabulous! Congrats on the contract! (And I wish for you a smooth closing!!!)

  7. Beautiful view, can't wait to see more! I love your piece done with the colored pencils and I think the hearts in purple would be neat!