Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Skill Builder Sampler made it to the .....should I quilt more or not phase!

Ideas on what to do on the face and arms are welcome.

So far, believing I need to do fairly tight quilting in the direction of natural contours. Just hope I can figure that out!

I have done a bit more than these photos show, but forgot to take a picture. Got the 'left' arm quilted and it seems fine, especially since it is kind of in the shadow. But her 'right' arm is still a very exposed area. Can't decide vertical contours or horizontal contours.

Stitched some in her face in the 'shadowed' part, but not sure if I like it or not (not seen here).

btw...if you want to purchase the fabric with Rosie the Riveter, go to Spoonflower.

Lots going on in the studio. We decided to put in a completely new floor so that it would be level, so still working on that. Now down to the bare bones of the place (after evidence of 9 floors!).  Yes that is dirt! Appears that the original foundation was just stacked stones. Another foundation had been added outside of them some years ago, so seems it will be ok.

The new bamboo flooring has arrived! I'm excited about getting it put down once we have the underlayment leveled.

Ready to put the binding on my Irena Bluhm class sample. Got it washed and blocked yesterday. Debating on whether to cut the binding 2.25" or 2", since the batting is sooo thin.

And here is another Friendship Star made to go with the Block Lotto win from December at our LQG.

And I'm really excited to start this one. Have you ever made a QR code quilt?? The black and marroon seem to be close enough in color values (tested by creating a b/w photo ...I downloaded the free app Photo Editor, works great if you're in a store buying fabric and you want to test values!), so I'm excited to work on creating a secondary image within the QR code. What possible shape might I use? :-)

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  1. WOW! The quilting is Amazing! I don't know what I would do with the face and arms - tough - but it looks great so far!