Friday, January 6, 2012

Back to the routine!

Happy New Year!!  -- ** DELVE INTO '12 **

Are you 'delving into '12?  ha! I thought that was a fun word to rhyme with the new year's number. great to back in the routine of getting several customer quilts done and also working on my own stuff. A great balance to stay creative and feel that the work I do for customers can still be fresh and continues to develop.

So typically Monday is spent working on my own creative list of items! I was able to do my first Skill Builder Sampler block (twice DOH)  and blogged about lots of other items I'm working on as well. But it was technically a holiday, right? ;-) My DH was home, so there were some other things to take care of too.

Tuesday, I try to work on pattern writing and samples. After testing and getting the feedback on these patterns, I was able to publish two new patterns (now on Craftsy) Click on their logo to the right here on my blog to go directly to my patterns that are there. I hope to get test patterns out for at least two or three more shortly. I have the two "Charmed Network" test versions to quilt and finish next.

Wednesday and Thursday are intended to be days that I work on client quilts. Four client quilts got done, from small ones to LARGE ones, free-motion fills on all four which included bones stipple on two, loops on two, and one of the loops had specially placed free-hand stars too. Three are already picked up and they loved them, so that makes me feel good! Photos are always posted on my Facebook page as I do them in the 'Customer Quilts v.X' album....this year is v.3. Key lesson this week: when the quilt top is large, I still like to attach the bottom of the quilt top to the bottom leader with my red snappers, mid-size just do the short snappers in several spots, and a small quilt, typically not worry about it. But...if the loft of the batting is quite high, attaching the bottom of the quilt top to the bottom leader is very helpful in maintaining a consistent tautness across the quilt. Do you have any other tips? The wool bat was my biggest loft this week AND it was a big quilt. Ideally I like to stay at 96" or less in the smallest direction of a quilt because of my short table. This one was squeaky close inside 100". With the simple quilting stitch, it went fine. YEAH!

Several more quilts tops were put into the queue this week as well as another 'memory' quilt to be designed and made. Just talking to the individual requesting the 'memory' quilt is an emotional experience. They clearly want something to be made as a momento of their lost loved one, but don't have the emotional will power to do it themself. It is gratifying to me to be able to assist in their grieving process by creating something that they can treasure. I remember dealing with my Great Aunt's estate when she passed away years ago. There are so many details to deal with, but those kinds of details are ones that come easy to me to handle. Though my mother was handling the estate it felt good to be able to help her during that time i.e. calling creditors, opening mail and sorting bills, getting the death certificate, etc. At one point I almost thought of doing that as a business. The people who are emotionally involved often find it difficult to focus on these types of critical tasks. To me, it was a bit of a puzzle, a mystery, an investigation. All things, I enjoy!

Enough of my musings, need to get my Friday chores done and quilt a group effort quilt for a member of our guild with a minkee backing!....hope your year is off to a great start.

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  1. Wow! After trying to help my mom after my dad's sudden death, that's quite a calling you got there! So difficult! I'm sure the quilt you made will be very special. Those creations are priceless. Congrats on the patterns! I'm slowly getting back into a routine too :-).