Wednesday, January 4, 2012

WIP 2011 Recap

What a year!
Here is my photofinish of my WIP projects for 2011 and a kickoff for 2012.

When I joined the WIP linkup part way into 2011, I started off with 13 projects on the list and the possibility of new patterns.

Original List Completed Items (above, l-r, 1st row then 2nd row)
One Fabric Wonder - Table Cloth
Jinny Beyer BOM 2010 'Jinny's Garden' --my version= "My Garden"
My First Journey
View from the Old Cellar
Psychedelic America

Original List Progress
EQ7 BOM blocks completed, EQ7 layout contest now due March 1.

Oddie's Wild Nature - several blocks completed, several to go, will keep working on this!

  • Lonestar Wallhanging, setting blocks re-set, but really no progress
  • Basket BOM still ready to quilt --definitely a 2012 project now!
  • Tulip Wallhanging -still needs to be re-quilted
  • Old duvet repurposed - still ready to quilt

New Patterns
- Hugs and Kisses
- Charmed Network
now available at
Ready to test several more. Great feedback from the Blog Shop Hop and Giveaway post in December! Thank you! 

Added to list...Completed items (above l-r, 1st row then 2nd row)
1892 Rondure
Mi Amore
Two Christmas Potholders
WWU Baby #1/spring theme
Pulsed Illumination
INMQ Challenge
Wine Valley Placemats
Fearless Design Placemat set --fancy quilting inspired by Sharon Schamber
WWU Baby #1/star theme

Added to list...Progress
These last few items have become part of the list since the last WIP posting in December. I've got a couple of Christmas mugrugs in progress too. One that was supposed to be done for our Guild's mugrug swap in December, but at least the person who liked it said I could finish it later!
Christmas MugRug
Charmed Network - 'Terrain' version  ** NEW PATTERN **
Charmed Network - 'Eva' version ** NEW PATTERN **
BMCU Table Runner
BMCU Mug Rugs
McCall's Mystery Quilt
Completed: 16
In Progress: 12....9 of which I do want to finish in 2012 ;-)
note...I'm dropping the tulip re-do, heart duvet quilting and lonestar projects going forward.

So what is new for 2012?

I've created quite a list from my piles in my stash, but will only add a few for now. Monday I talked about how I want to go about accomplishing this in amongst the real work of my business.

*1. Skill Builder Sampler {Sewn by Leila}-- I so wasn't going to do this one, but had a crazy idea, so now I want to and just got it started this week. Hoping to do one a week until I'm done.
2. Out of the Darkness - a Pam Bono design - I'll do one block a month and will likely report this on Monday's Design Wall/BOM's Away blog post. Major progress points, I'll include here.
3. Alaska Shop Hop "Trees" from 2007. - I'll do one block a month and will likely report this on Monday's Design Wall/BOM's Away blog post. Major progress points, I'll include here.
*4. McCall's Mystery - our 'Fearless Design' small group has decided to do this. It will be in three issues of the magazine. I got started a little early (see above), but also want to do a second version of fabrics.
5. Irish Hand Block (Céad Míle Fáilte) for the International Quilt Festival of Ireland -- Due Feb. 2 --are you doing one?
*6. Rose of Sharon Bird Block - this is my block that made it into Nine Patch Media's DVD from the Rose of Sharon Block Contest. I started a large version of this in 2010, so want to finish it up.
7. Peace Park -- can't wait to do this!!
*8. Snowflake/Blizzard - I won a few blocks in a block lotto several years ago. I have a rough design that I'd like to explore more and make this one. The block lottos of course are done ;-), but much more to do here! I even stole some in the past and used them in another quilt. HA!
9. 2007 Shop Hop the Blues - the first shop hop I did locally. I got the pattern from completing the shop hop and collected fabrics as I shopped. I want to get this collection of leftovers (once the quilt is pieced) back into my stash ;-)
10. 2009 Shop Hop the Blues - leaves, some applique some pieced, all blocks with pattern and material provided on the Shop Hop.
*started ;-)

2012 Stats
In Progress: 12
To start: 6

Thanks Lee for hosting the WIP linkup! I look forward to another great year of inspiration and accomplishments through the motivation and encouragement provided by all of you. Let's go DELVE INTO TWELVE!


  1. WOOWEE! You have been busy. Lots of nice pieces. I follow you but saw this at WIP first.


  2. Whew! What a list! And what gorgeous finished projects!! I'm partial to one of them (guess which?) LOL. Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!