Monday, January 2, 2012

Design Wall / BOM's Away Monday

Happy New Year! Great to look back on 2011 and see what has been done (stay tuned for the WIP on Wednesday update for a review of my WIP finishes for the year) and look forward to 2012 and to create a new list. Today will focus on my current Design Wall and on my BOM's Away progress, specifically my own personal projects (not usually my business related projects....but sometimes you just might get a sneak peak!)

In general for 2012 my plan is to work on 3 different BOM's until they are done. With January having 5 Monday's....this week I'm going to play catchup on a few things and a new mystery project is on my design wall today. But normally weekly I'm going to do the Skill Builder Sampler, Week 1 of the month I will also do an Alaska Shop Hop 2008 (I think) block, Week 2 I'll also do a Pam Bono Block from her 'Out of the Darkness' quilt. Week 3 and 4 I'll be working on some project hoping to start or finish something. There are a few things from my WIP 2011 list that still need to be finished, so I hope to keep them on the back burner and get to them as I can.
EQ7 BOM for 2011 is DONE!! Whoo Hoo!!
Here is December Diversion which did get done in time last week and was submitted before month end.

I used the Square-in-a-Square technique to make the flying geese. There are 5 different greens, this photo makes it seems like only two. The center block is a pale green and each direction of geese has its own green fabric which I had hoped to be a nice variegation.

Just waiting to hear about the 'layout' contest EQ7 will host now that the BOM is complete.

We Can Do It! Skill Builder Sampler Block #1 (This is from Leila's 'Sewn' blog). I have what I think is a really fun idea for putting these all together. She started this quilt-a-long several months ago, but I wasn't interested until this idea popped into my head. I couldn't get started though until the new year with everything else going on. I missed my opportunity to create an element of 'my cool idea' while on Christmas vacation, but hope I can still execute the idea sometime in the near future. I wanted this block #1 to be a true log-cabin vs. the pattern that was given, so did my own in EQ7. Unfortunately I mis-read the center block dimension so will need to re-do this!  I cut a 2.5" square instead of a 3.5" square. DOH!!!  UPDATED --> Got it right this time!

This is my fabric selection for the McCall's 2012 Mystery. Our small group 'Fearless Design' has decided to do this and see the different interpretations we create based on our fabric selections. I've completed the instructions for part 1 for this version of fabric.

I hope to get a second version done too in the pink/blue fabric set.

So...I'm linking up my BOM's Away at WhataHootQuilts and Design Wall at Patchwork Times. Check them out!


  1. Wow! Fun stuff going on over here, as usual :D You sure do thrive on those contests, and I can't wait to see what you do.

  2. I love that first block, simple and beautiful!! Visiting from WhataHoot!