Friday, January 13, 2012


So easy to get distracted when the schedule falls apart!

I had in my queue this week a commission quilt that the client hasn't provided critical information in order to continue the process. It was so easy to let other things creep into my daily life when I'm on 'hold'. I probably should have pressed on with the next client in the queue, but I also wanted to get 'Charmed Network' the Terrain version quilted. But, even other non-quilting activities have distracted me significantly. Most of them will be out of my life I'm hoping within a month, but it really does take time away from my business. Maybe I'll get it quilted TODAY??

And then...I hear of a long-arm shop closing their store-front to work only out of their home, so everything is basically 50% off (fabric, patterns, etc.) that is usually worth checking to see if there is anything you HAVE to have, right? That is in the schedule today too!

Some were good distractions...I decided to spend some quality time designing the EQ7 layout. Exciting times ahead.

So....We'll see.....!! Happy Weekend!

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  1. I had fun meeting you down there! I hope to make it your way really soon for a longer visit!!