Wednesday, January 25, 2012


BMCU Mug Rugs / Table Runner and Placemats
I have served on the Blue Mountain Credit Union board for the last 3 years, the last two as board chair. The staff organize dinner for our normal monthly meetings. At least two years ago I designed a table runner and placemats to replace the well worn ones that are currently utilized for our meals. Last night I got to present the staff and the board with the items and a unique individual mug-rug for each staff member. Bitter sweet to complete my years of service to this organization. With these items on the table for years to come...somehow my presence might be remembered ;-)

back side of the mug rugs.

This is the center of the table runner while it was still on the quilting table. I put $ and cent symbols in the center, alternating them, in each bar of the table runner. In the dark green it says Blue Mountain Credit Union -- one word per side of the center square. The center square is four identically fussy cut pieces. The radiating lines from the center of each bar are kind of like stacks of coins.

12 placemats with different but similar bindings in sets of 3. This photo shows my quilting signature.

Other side of the placemats.

(Started and completed)
Irish Hand Welcome Block for International Quilt Festival of Ireland Exhibit

This block will go into the welcome exhibit at the IQFOI this coming June. I traced my own hand with a few quilting marks to show the structure of the hand. I had this fabric in my stash that I just had to use given the theme and location that this block will be used at--Ireland!! Hope you'll be able to join us in Ireland this June and find my block in the welcome exhibit!


Skill Builder Sampler Block #4 - Pinwheels
I have really gotten the hang of doing HST's with a full square sewn on the outside then diagonally cut both directions, press and trim to the exact square size. It worked really well even with these small pinwheels. I don't like wasting (trimming), but well worth the exactness that results and it is very fast to sew. The biased edges aren't great, but am wondering if I started with a square cut on the bias, the resulting cuts would be on the grain, eh?

McCall's Mystery v.2 step 1 done. (blogged on Monday)

EQ7 BOM layout -- Can't reveal this until March 1.

Awaiting quilting:

Charmed Network v.2-Eva
WWVQG 2006 Basket BOM

'Til Next Time
  • Zoe - red/blue retro version (started, but forgot to mentioned it)
  • Oddie's Wild Nature
  • Alaska's 2007 Shop Hop (block 1 is up in February)
  • Out of the Darkness (block 1 is up in February)
  • Rose of Sharon Bird Block
  • Snowflake/Blizzard Quilt

2012 STATS
Completed: 6
In Progress: 11
To start: 3 (Peace Park, Shop Hop the Blues 2007 & 2009)

Are you going to Ireland in June? Join me!!

More WIPs at the linkup on Lee's Freshly Pieced blog. Happy WIPping ;-)


  1. If you don't want bias edges on your HSTs, try Eleanor Burns' method. Here is a blog post about it:
    I learned how from her Quilt in a Day program many years ago, but it wasn't quite like this. I just draw a grid of squares, draw the diagonal lines, sew and cut. I bought the ruler a year or so ago, and I really like it, it just takes 2 cuts to square up the HST, instead of 4 like I had been doing it.
    Hope this helps you!

  2. I have a .pj7 file showing how I do the HSTs, if you're interested.

  3. love your pinwheel block - it looks fabulous